Multidisciplinary firm

The law firm, founded by Ana Leon Garrigosa in 1994 in Valladolid, is now working in collaboration with other Graduates and Doctors of Law and Economics and other professionals. In this office of Lawyers and Mediators, we will assist you in judicial or extrajudicial solutions to your problems, managing your issues and negotiations inside and outside the Spanish and European Courts.

Online Lawyers

Get a quick response from a practicing lawyer and resolve any legal questions. Ana Leon Abogados offers the possibility of obtaining a full legal report from a practicing lawyer.

Sala de vistas de la Audiencia Provincial de Valladolid
Comprehensive Legal Cabinet

The Ana Leon´s Firm is located in Valladolid and offers legal services with layers specialized in family law (separation, divorce, inheritance), specialized civil law attorneys, criminal lawyers, and specialists in contentious administrative law. We count on Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Russian and Ukrainian lawyers who will attend you in your mother tongue.

In addition, we offer the possibility of hiring the services of our economist and coach, Luis Gutierrez Perez.

Due to the international dimension of our company we offer the possibility of managing their legal and sworn translations in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian:

  • Ana Leon Garrigosa, lawyer and mediator. Spanish with trilingual competency (Spanish, English and French)
  • Cristina Merino Prieto, lawyer
  • Daria Kovalchuk, Ukrainian and Spanish lawyer, interpreter and translator (Russian and Ukrainian)
  • Graffet Paola Tobon, lawyer. With office in Paris and Montpellier (France), bilingual proficiency in Spanish and French.
  • M ª José Pastor Rodriguez, Sworn translator and interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (French)
  • Pilar Molina of Molina, sworn translator and interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (English). Foreign Trade Specialist. Languages and Translation Teacher.
  • Luis Gutierrez, an economist and coach.
Two minutes from the Court

Thanks to our privileged location, our office is very close to the Courts of Valladolid. Do not hesitate to contact us:  call us or leave us your contact number and we will call you. And feel free to use our service of (in person / on line / and video-conferencing) legal questions. To obtain a quick response to your case; we implement the solution to your legal problems (family, civil, juvenile matters, criminal, commercial, administrative) as quickly as possible.

We go to all Spanish places our clients’ needs require.