We offer comprehensive legal advice and mediation in the following areas (click on each to know the services):

Civil and family law

At Ana León Abogados pay special attention to family law, the importance of relationships that it governs, our experts offer professional services in the following areas:

  • Divorce and separation by mutual agreement (express divorce).
  • Contentious divorces and separations.
  • Liquidation of property.
  • Alimony.
  • Custody of minors.
  • Visitation.
  • Parenting plans.
  • Positive parenting.
  • Divorce enforceability.

The civil law governs private relationships between people. Whether a contract, debt or marriage, all these legal relations, which in many cases can be a source of conflict, are regulated by the Civil Law.

In our firm will find support and professional assistance needed to adequately defend their rights in all areas comprising civil law, either out of court or before the courts:

  • Drafting contracts.
  • Claim all kinds of debts.
  • Leases: evictions, contracting, etc.
  • Condo: issues a condominium.
  • Liability claims in accidents, labor, or otherwise.
  • Drafting wills.
  • Processing of inheritances.
  • Incapacitations and Guardianship.


  • The ability to initiate mediation as an alternative method of conflict resolution, either through a single mediator, or a team of mediators working in comediación offered.
  • We are registered in the Registry of Mediators of Castilla and Leon.
  • Pre-judicial mediation, intrajudicial mediation, post-judicial mediation.
  • Mediation is approached from any conflict, either civil family-administrative, criminal, commercial, (against the government), in the field of children, etc.

Criminal and Prison Law

The fact of being involved in the commission of a crime or offense, either as a victim or as a defendant, is always a delicate situation as it affects the fundamental property of the person such as physical and moral integrity, liberty or property. For this reason we are facing one of the materials you need, a fortiori, counseling and intervention of a lawyer to assume the defense of such property and rights before the courts.

In our office you will find professionals trained entitled to assume his defense when viewed charged with the commission of any crime or misdemeanor, as well as lawyers who will assist in formulating accusations and complaints when you have been a victim of any of them.

  • Fouls damage, injury, theft, robbery, against people, slander, etc.
  • Crimes against family rights and duties: abandonment of the family, unpaid pensions, child abduction, etc.
  • Traffic offenses: blood alcohol, speeding, driving without a license, reckless driving and failure to provide assistance.
  • Economic crimes: misappropriation, fraud, misrepresentations, corporate crime, money laundering, punishable insolvency, falsifications, etc.
  • Crimes against persons: injuries, homicide, murder, etc.
  • Crimes of domestic violence and gender.
  • Crimes against property: burglary, theft, receiving, damage, fraud, etc.
  • Crimes against public health: drug trafficking.
  • Crimes against honor: libel.
  • Crimes against intellectual property.
  • Crimes against the administration of justice: concealment, accusation and false allegations, perjury, obstruction of justice, escape from prison.
  • Crimes against public order: resistance and disobedience to authority, illegal possession of weapons, trafficking and weapons depot.
  • Crimes against public finances and social security.
  • Any other offense and / or missing.
  • Prison law matters in which we offer our services:
    • Suspension and replacement of imprisonment.
    • Application limits compliance.
    • Clemency petition.
    • Application of the third grade prison.
    • Application for parole.
    • Request for prison leave.

Administrative Litigation Law

The subjects of administrative law where we can offer our services are:

  • Processing of administrative files.
  • Resources raised.
  • Internal appeals.
  • Resources against all types of administrative penalties (fines of trafficking, possession of drugs, etc).
  • Contentious-administrative resources.
  • Proceedings before all the authorities (local, regional, national).
  • Property claims against the administration.
  • Cancellation of criminal and police records.

Property and Registry Law

  • Acquisitions and transfers of land.
  • Leases.
  • Evictions.
  • Unpaid rents.
  • Drafting documents and contracts.
  • Document management and to government agencies.
  • Property Registry.
  • Scriptures.
  • Cadastre.
  • Notaries.
  • Municipalities.
  • Licenses, management and processing.
  • Work or service contracts.

Trade Law

  • Incorporation
  • Legal advice
  • Commercial igualas
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Voluntary bankruptcy natural or legal person.
  • Advice to SMEs.